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So Why Should You Choose Us?

Learning to drive is a great feeling only surpassed by the driving examiner congratulating you on gaining your driving licence. But the problem you face right now is working out which school to go with...it is hard but today We are going to help you through that.

Sort Your Priorities!

The reason why you are here is to get your driving licence, but you also want to have a nice time learning, have a great opportunity of passing first time and you want a driving instructor you like. The last thing you want is a stinky instructor and the feeling of getting ripped off as you taken dozens of lessons because most of them are sat in the car at the side of the road not driving.

Your 7 Point Guarantee 

You can read more about the guarantee by clicking here but we are giving it to you to show you that we are serious about your learning. It demonstrates that we offer great value for money, a top service and also there is no risk on your behalf. Your money is safe.

What Driving Lessons Do You Need?

While all of our courses are tailored for your personal needs, the courses differ depending on what you want. So beginner would take the beginner lessons and someone who has driving experience would take the part trained course.

All you need to do is phone to join: Call 07725 523446


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Your 7 Point Guarantee

  • We Pay If You Don't Pass
  • Driving Lesson Refund
  • 2yr Driving Licence Support
  • No Shouting
  • Arrive on time
  • 100% Support
  • 121 Training only
Driving Lesson Courses


You want a driving course that is going to give you a flying start and our beginner lessons will have you driving straight away. You will learn so much so quickly.

Confidence Building

Learning to drive can be nervy, but our special confidence building course will help you feel comfortable and take control of not just your driving but your future.

Motorway Lessons

The driving test doesn't cover how to drive on the motorway and 3 lanes of traffic at 70mph (and more) is a lot different to driving in town.

Part Trained

As you have already been driving wouldn't it make sense to use those skills as a foundation to pass your test. It's going to save you time and money.

Driving Test Rescue

If you are continually failing your driving test take our special course. It is likely not your fault for the reason why you are not passing. Call Today.

Intensive Courses

Learn to drive around your weekly commitments of college, university or work. Limited availability so call today for more details.

Int. Licence Conversion

Have you passed your driving test in a different country and need to swap to a UK licence?

Late Test Booking

If you have your driving test coming up but no driving school to take you, maybe we can help with out VIP service?

Night Time Lessons

We even run special courses in the dark so you can learn to drive in night time conditions.

Automatic Driving Lessons

You can learn to pass your driving test in an automatic car. It saves you time and money. Phone now for availability.
If you're wanting to learn to drive at a pace and in a manner that suits your personal comfort and ability level then I highly recommend Stuart to get you to your test with confidence. Stuart is clearly very mindful of taking the right approach with each student and is excellent at explaining the rules and guidelines involved in road use and how best to put them into practice. I personally found that Stuart knew exactly where to work with my own learning speed whilst ensuring that each lesson was a solid progression on the last.

I've just passed my driving test, thanks Stuart! Stuart is a great instructor, he's very patient and gives good guidance whilst allowing you to gain confidence and independence. I always felt comfortable and both his teaching style and his personality made my lessons enjoyable.

Passed my driving test on first attempt this morning. Very patient, extremely supportive. Couldn't have asked for a better instructor.

Thanks a million Stuart

Amazing driving instructor ! Always on time,patient and realy easy to learn with ! Passed first time (and only 2 driving faults) with Stuart

Would recommend him to anybody!

Stuart is a great instructor professionally and on a personal basis. He really went out of his was to make my weekly lessons possible even taking me to test on his day off!! His attitude is excellent: aiming not simply to take you to test standard but to ensure you are a good driver for life. I would highly recommend Stuart to anybody looking for a professional, reliable and approachable teacher.

How To Pass Your Driving Test

To have the best chance of passing your driving test first time we need to take a look at what the driving examiner is going to be looking for on the day of your test and we will work back from that.

The test is an assessment of your driving ability, remember if the examiner passes you they believe you are good to drive without assistance and to do that you need to tick a few boxes.

Obviously you need to be a safe driver, so just exactly is safe? 
The learning to drive syllabus has many parts and for whatever you do, whether it's parking on the wrong side of the road, experiencing on coming traffic at a cross roads or parking toy need to do the following.

Show the driving examiner you are in control of the car and aware of your surroundings. If they are confident you are managing the drive and keeping safe you will pass. Along the driving test you can pick up faults known as minors and as long as you don't pick up too many or 3 in one category you'll be fine.

There are also serious faults and that counts as a test fail. A serious fault is where you are no in control of the car or aware of your surroundings and you potentially put you and others in danger. 

Did you know reversing up a kerb is not a serious fault as long as you were still safe and aware of your surroundings. So if there were no pedestrians, you were miles away from hitting anything and you just crept onto the kerb, as long as you recognise and correct you ought to be fine.

Where to Start

So now you know a little about passing your driving test but it all starts on your first driving lesson. From the very first step you take we will teach you how to be in control and aware of your surroundings, using this formula throughout your learning will give you the best chance of passing first time.

Just give us a call today on 07725 523446

Your 7 Point Guarantee

  • We Pay If You Don't Pass
  • Driving Lesson Refund
  • 2yr Driving Licence Support
  • No Shouting
  • Arrive on time
  • 100% Support
  • 121 Training only


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