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What's In Our 7 Point Guarantee

You need to find the right driving school to help you pass your driving test but as we all look the same how do you know which school is right for you?

Here we will explain our 7 point offer...

We Pay If You Do Not Pass

Now we are not magicians, you can't just book your test and expect to pass so here are our guidelines and if you follow them and fail at your first attempt we will cover the cost of your next test.

You will pass your driving test more quickly if you pass your theory test sooner rather then later so we are setting you a target of passing your theory test within the first 6 weeks of your first lesson. The theory test isn't intended to be a pain, it is there to help you to learn to drive to a good standard and it will actually help you in the car when learning.

Next we'll ask you to take a minimum of 2 hours a week. If you miss a week you have to make it up. Having regular lessons will help you retain the new information you have learned and we don't want you taking more lessons than you need.

On your first lesson we will give you a progress report card which sets out the syllabus to driving, each aspect of driving is marked as "introduced, assisted and independent". You have to be independent in all areas, doing so will prove to you that you have the skills to impress the driving examiner.

Before you take your driving test you must sit and pass a mock test. This is a test done under test conditions. At this point you will be fully independent and the mock is for you to get used to your actual test day. People who tame and pass mock exams have a higher chance of passing their driving test.

You driving test will be booked in accordance with your driving instructor to a time and date to suit both of you. If you happen so fail the test, assuming you have met all the criteria we will cover the cost of your next text but you will have to take 6 hours of tuition before the next test. This is to make sure you have mastered the reason why you failed and to have the confidence to pass next time.

Driving Lesson Refund
If you do not like your lesson for any reason we will refund you. Actually we will shake hands, return your cash for the lesson, part company and wish you well for the future. The last thing we want is a learner driver not experiencing value for money, we are a good driving school and this promise shows we have the confidence and skill to deliver the quality you need. 

If you have taken a block booking then the money refunded will be calculated as follows. The total sum paid, less the number of lessons you have already taken calculated at the full lesson rate, you will lose any discounts. So if you ask for a refund on lesson 7, it is the total sum less lessons 1-6.

2 Year Driving Licence Support
Once you have passed your test you are technically on a 2 year probation, if you accrue 6 points you lose your licence and you have to retake your test. Not only do we want you to avoid that but we want to make sure we are here if you need us. So if you want your instructor sat next to you when you buy your first car, or perhaps to recover something we will do that.

You have 3 hours per year for 2 years. You cannot roll over the hours into the following year. The hours cannot be sold, exchanged or refunded. You will provide your own fuelled and road legal vehicle and arrange a date/time suitable for both you and the instructor.

Customer Service Promise
This includes No Shouting, Arrive On Time, 100% Support and 121 Training Only. As a valued customer we believe you deserve this and you should not expect to receive anything less. 

When joining a driving school you do not know what to expect but we feel you ought to have the very best standards . Phone us today and let us help you make a great start in your new life.

Your 7 Point Guarantee

  • We Pay If You Don't Pass
  • Driving Lesson Refund
  • 2yr Driving Licence Support
  • No Shouting
  • Arrive on time
  • 100% Support
  • 121 Training only
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