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Driving Lessons Hyde - Pass Your Test...

Before we get into understanding how easy it is to learn how to drive lets get through some classic mistakes which usually end up hurting your pocket.

1) Special offer hopping. You have seen schools offer 10 lessons for £99? Well some pupils will take 2 or 3 of these course and get no where, in fact if you get into 3rd gear and doing a reverse park you are lucky. Thats 30 hours of training and £300 down the drain.

2) Lesson Skipping. Its Friday night and you need cash to go out drinking so you cancel your lesson. Thats a great way to set back your training as you will lose the skills you have learned.

3) Take your training, get your instructor to agree to book your test and then stop all lessons until your driving test.

If you are thinking of any of the above please re think because you won't pass first time or second or even the third time and you will be spending way too much money. 

What you need to do is understand what the driving examiner wants to see on your test and practice that on your first driving lesson until your last. Yes they want to see a safe drive but they want to see you are in control of the car and aware of your surroundings.

When you start to learn to drive follow the syllabus with those points in mind, pass your theory test early and take regular lessons, that means at least 2 hours a week, every week.

At Stuart Davies Driver Training we will give you unrivalled 121 support and motivate you all he way to your driving licence.

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