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Did You Know...The Pass Rate For An Intensive Is Less Than Regular Lessons

For a school offering intensive driving lessons in Hyde it's a bit strange to say the pass rate it lower, but it's true, I'm going to explain why, and how you can overcome the issue. 

I have years of experience teaching people how to drive and have seen pretty much everything that can be seen, so what I have to say here is everything I believe in...

The Truth About Intensive Driving Lessons in Hyde

Traditionally most intensive driving schools in Hyde will allow you to take a large number of hours in a week and the lat day is reserved for the day of the test. You will be in the car for 8 to 10 hours, doing 6 to 8 hours of driving. 
So for the moment, forget learning a skill, forget learning to drive. I want you imagine being driven all the to London, and being driven all the way back. Now Imagine tomorrow you are going to travel all the way to Edinburgh and come straight back. 

Those 2 trips are tiring right?
There are 8 hour round journeys, and that is roughly the time you'll be spending in the car each day on your intensive driving lessons in Hyde. 
Can you see how you would be tired if you were just a passenger...and bored.

Do you think by Wednesday you will be losing the will to live? 
Now think about having to learn how to drive as well, because while driving isn't hard, at time learning can be hard and, a bit stressful, it can "do your head in" because you just can't nail something seemingly easy and obvious to do. We've all been there right?

But if you are doing an intensive driving course in Hyde you have to soldier on, there is no choice in this and at the end of the week you are thrown into your test, do you think your chances are good to e passing your test?


Intensive Driving Lessons in Hyde - How To Pass 1st Time.

Before you buy into an intensive driving course in Hyde, here are my top suggestions.

1. Most people can wait a month, its just 4 weeks and if you are booking your test today you probably won't be able to get a test until another 6 or 8 weeks anyway, so look at doing  semi intensive driving lessons in Hyde, that way you will remain fresher, sharper, less tired and you will find learning easier.

2. Consider taking 2 hours of lessons a day, and if you did that Monday to Friday for 3 or 4 weeks you'll be at a standard where you can go into your driving test confident and prepared.

3. Call me and asking if I have availability first thing in the morning or in the evening, because you can use your intensive for your commute to work or college. It actually saves you time, because the commute is pretty much dead time, so if you need to be there for 9am, we can do a 7am lesson. Of if you finish at 5pm I can pick you up and we finish off at your place at 7pm.

4. You need to learn how to drive safely, its only by being a safe driver are you going to get your driving licence so on your first lesson and first skill you learn, right the way through to your last session, everything is focused on safety.

5. When it comes to safety the driving examiner is looking for you to have a safe attitude, be good at hazard perception, seeing you can keep the car under control and you follow the Highway Code.

If you are serious about intensive driving lessons in Hyde, give me a call.

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