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So tell us a bit more about Stockport...

Stockport is famous for hats and the hatting industry, in fact if you visit Stockport today you can go to the Hat Museum, yes imagine that, a museum just for hats!

Stockport is in Greater Manchester and just south of Manchester.
Many people who work in Manchester will choose to live in Stockport, due to its close proximity and it’s very easy to commute.
While driving to a huge city like Manchester can come with it’s problems with congestion but there are alternatives such as the bus and train, Stockport is well connected indeed.

So while Stockport is situated 7 miles south east of Manchester, it also stands on the river Gory and Tame and those two rivers merge together to create the River Mersey.

Historically, Stockport was apart of Cheshire (to the south) and also of Lancashire (to the north of the town) in the area of the river Mersey. As already mentioned Stockport was world famous for the production of hats, right up into the end of the 20th century, with its peak (pardon the pun) in the 19th century. But pre dating that, back to the 16th century Stockports manufacturing and local income was based on hemp and rope making.


The political landscape of Stockport has switched from Liberal Democrat to Labour control, even while Labour still lead the local polls the Lib Dems only trail marginally behind. As of March 2018 Labour has 23 councillors, the Liberal Democrats with 21 and the Conservatives in third place with 14. Overall there are 21 electoral wards with 3 councillors in each ward with a total number of 63 councillors.

In the 2001 census Stockport had a population of 136,000 people, oh which 95.5% are white and 75% declared themselves to be Christian. However if you go into the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport the population grows to 284,000 people with 91% of the population being white.

32% over the age of 16 have never been married, and 50% were married at the time. Stockport has almost 60,000 households and of those 33% housed just one person, another 33% were married couple living together and 10% were co habiting couples. These figures reflected the wider local area and also England as a whole. Quite worryingly around a third of people aged sixteen to seventy declared as having no formal qualifications.

To give a wider picture, the population in 1901 was recorded at 92,000, in 1939 at 134,000 and for the last 80 years it has maintained a similar figure, peaking at 142,000 in 1961


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